Medical Cannabis (Marijuana or Marihuana) Bibliography

Bibliography by Richard Bayer MD, FACP; Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine.


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Solvay Pharmaceuticals offers the only federally legal cannabinoid in the USA, synthetic THC (dronabinol) in a capsule called Marinolâ Important prescribing information about THC is at: Marinol versus Natural Cannabis: Pros, Cons, and Options for Patients by Paul Armentano 2005 is at

GW Pharmaceuticals developed Sativexâ, an herbal cannabis extract sprayed into the mouth. In 2005, it became available by prescription in Canada. At use the navigation bar on the left. The Research and Development link leads to Cannabis Related Medicines Studies while the Sativex link leads to a Sativex product monograph

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Bibliography by Richard Bayer MD, FACP; Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine.